Augmented Visitor Experience at Sebezhsky National Park

Timeframe: 2013

Location: Sebezhsky National Park, Pskov Oblast, Russian Federation



– Cultural heritage research;

– Spatial analysis and modelling;

– Conservation planning;

– Tourism and visitor experience planning;

– Development of a design brief and guidelines


Clients: Nature Reserves Environmental Education Centre and Sebezhsky National Park, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation


Objective: Produce a design brief and guidelines for an ecological trail based on research, analysis, and modelling, with emphasis on visitor experience


Partnership: SNOU project

The visitor experience project for Sebezhsky National Park came about through the European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument’s Estonia-Latvia-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation Programme. It called for developing a system of excursion routes throughout the park with a strategy for presenting information in a flexible and interactive way.


Novaya developed a strategy for preserving the natural landscape and creating a unique adaptive programme for visitors. The programme is based on an innovative approach to presenting information through interconnected layers:


  • Natural-ecological: The diverse landscapes of Sebezhsky National Park include woodlands and freshwater lakes. The project carefully maintains these ecosystems, making them the trails’ main focus.


  • Architectural: A system of bridges and pavilions follow the excursion routes and serve as viewing platforms. These allow visitors to experience the surrounding landscape from a new perspective while activating an interplay with augmented reality.


  • Technological: For display on tablets and smartphones, animated 3D models representing different historical periods are superimposed on actual sites along the trails.