In 2017, NOVAYA organised the International competition to create a masterplan for Sochi post-Olympic development «Imeretinka 2.0».


Four international architectural and planning consortia were chosen out of more than sixty applicant teams.


MAXWAN, MASA architects and Reserve became the winners with their “walkable city” concept. It is built around a closed pedestrian loop allowing the development of thriving and dense urban spaces similar to those in Southern European resorts.


KCAP Architects & Planners, Systematica Mobility Thinklab and AB DOM proposed a comprehensive vision for the future development with detailed consideration of transport, planning and engineering challenges.


AZPML, Groundlab, Tyrens, Orchestra and Institute of Territorial Development introduced a phasing strategy that accounts for both financial efficiency and functional flexibility.


Arup and Urbanica presented a detailed year-round cultural and events programme for Imeretinka’s public spaces.


Services provided: full organisation of the international competition for the master-plan.