We provide specialised analytic and consulting services for cities, communities, city-focused start-ups and property developers. At the forefront of innovation, our experienced team develops context-specific tools and methods to address the unique challenges through all stages of the project lifecycle from understanding overarching city trends throughout design development and evaluation stages, to monitoring and improving project performance.

City trends and analytics

Comprehensive baseline information including thorough understanding of socio-economic, infrastructure, resource, technology, governance and regulatory contexts enable clients to identify key risks and challenges that will guide their decision-making process on every stage to
achieve project goals. Novaya’s multidisciplinary team provides:


  • Real estate market data collection, evaluation
    & analysis;
  • Socio-economic and demographic analysis
    and forecast;
  • Comprehensive planning constraints
    & opportunities analysis, including: spatial GIS analysis; Development Plan Documents and
    Site Specific Policies and Proposals analysis; assessment of social, engineering and
    transport infrastructure requirements
    and needs;
  • Best-practice analysis and case studies.


Through the development stage Novaya proposes solutions that aspire to achieve both: financial targets and positive wider impact. We provide expertise in:


  • Development of project vision and strategy, roadmap and delivery programmes;
  • Best-use (design and economics) scenario planning
  • Financial modelling and planning


Comprehensive project evaluation on every stage of incremental design process is vital to ensure that expected performance indicators are met and risks are managed. At this stage Novaya team conducts project feasibility and impact studies including:


  • Cost-benefit analysis;
  • Market and financial feasibility studies;
  • Social and economic impact studies related to project implementation and design decisions;
  • Project performance and design appraisal against local policies and regulative contexts;
  • Measuring, modelling and forecasting pedestrian, bicycle and motor vehicle movement;
  • Social qualitative and quantitative studies


Throughout delivery stage of a project, pilot project or a prototype Novaya team provides:


  • Delivery programme oversight;
  • Cost and quality control.


Monitoring and improving various aspects of an operating business, commercial property, urban area or it’s sole detail are vital to both: stay competitive and respond to customer’s changing behaviour and needs. Novaya performs:


  • Evaluation of a progress over time through longitudinal quantitative and qualitative social research;
  • Measuring customer experience
    (customer experience research) using:

    • ethnographic methods;
    • qualitative methods
  • Building a multifaceted overview of a project using big data. We provide:

    • data cleaning automation, processing and analysis;
    • prototyping of data analysis algorithms and statistical testing;
    • construction of models to provide data-driven insights for better decision making;
    • patial data processing and analysis;
    • reproducible and automated infographics;
    • reproducible and automated reporting;