OneCity & TUHF21 partner up to support property developers

TUHF21, an innovative impact-driven property finance company, has formed a strategic partnership with NOVAYA Labs to use its OneCity technology to support the expansion of TUHF21’s uMaStandi programme to new urban townships in South Africa.

The collaboration with NOVAYA Labs OneCity will make it quicker and easier for uMaStandi to extend its support to property entrepreneurs in new urban townships. uMaStandi will use OneCity technology to map the infrastructure, activity, and planning requirements to target its efforts for the maximum positive impact.


uMaStandi provides finance, training and mentorship to property entrepreneurs in urban townships. NOVAYA Labs creates digital tools for data-driven town planning, property development and urban regeneration. OneCity helps developers navigate the pre-construction stage and make the best investment decisions aligned with the latest city plans.



“In the markets we focus on, data that helps inform the decision-making process regarding where to invest is not always readily available. This sees us relying predominantly on word-of-mouth and local knowledge from community members. Embracing technology like OneCity in addition to this enables uMaStandi to make informed decisions, guided by the integration of hard facts and local insights,” says Katherine Cox, Development Impact Manager at TUHF21.


OneCity addresses this through a solution tailored for the unique business case of TUHF21. Our solution is giving them access to everything from socio-economic data, planning data, and infrastructure accessibility data to empower them to make better strategic decisions on where to expand in targeted townships,” says Yuri Milevskiy, Founding Partner at NOVOYA Labs.

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