The development strategy for Nikitina park in Zheleznogorsk has been approved by the local government.

Commissioned by Metalloinvest, one of Russia’s largest mining companies, NOVAYA developed the strategy focused on renovation and event programming. Many ideas and suggestions came from local residents during a series of interviews and surveys followed by an open vote. According to the respondents, the park is often perceived as unsafe, out-of-date and confusing to move around. At the moment it lacks well-maintained spaces for cultural and sports activities, basic service facilities and accessibility of the waterfront. Moreover, the publicly and privately owned parts of the territory appear to be fully disintegrated.

The proposals that made it to the development strategy include infrastructure for skating, skiing, wall climbing, picnicking, reading, sunbathing and many other. The lighting, street furniture and pavement are to be replaced or reconstructed to create comfortable and safe public spaces.

Based on the constraints analysis and survey results we have identified both the areas requiring intensive development and limited renovation. Over the course of renovation, our client is planning to bear capital expenditures of more than 300 million rubles. Around 20 million rubles of yearly operating expenses will be covered by local administration.